[Trilug-ontopic] Linux Caller ID software

Scott G. Hall ScottGHall at BellSouth.Net
Thu Feb 19 15:40:25 EST 2009

Ivan Panarusky wrote:

> My computer came with a free modem, and we recently got caller ID. I am looking for a program that will display the caller id info when a call comes in, but my google foo only comes up with abandonware. Does anyone know of any such software

I know that one is available, because my Xandros system pops up a little 
bubble in the corner of the KDE taskbar with the caller ID, and a button 
to click on to answer the phone with the PC speakers and microphone.

However, my Ubuntu, SuSE and Fedora systems do not.  My immediate guess 
is that this is a built-in utility or driver in the KDE suite, and not a 
regular on Gnome desktops.  You might check on a Mint Linux desktop (a 
Ubuntu derivative that uses KDE and has a bunch of stuff installed and 
enabled including greyware of unknown propriety) and see if it also has 
such a feature.  If so, you might be in luck looking in the KDE 
development tree.

My SourceForge lists suggest that Xandros may have just implemented an 
NCID server and client for their desktops.  Check out the NCID project: 

  "The project page for NCID (formally TiVoCID) has moved to 
<http://ncid.sourceforge.net> http://sourceforge.net/projects/ncid/

  "NCID is a network based Caller-ID package that includes a Caller-ID
   server and client.

  "The server runs on Linux, TiVo (DirecTiVo, or Series 1 - requires
   external modem or internal modem mod), FreeBSD, and Macintosh OS X.
   Most people run the server on Linux.

  "The client runs on the same platforms as the server, and also
   Windows. Also included are Linux client interface scripts that will
   speak the caller's name, email the CID information to a cell phone
   or text pager, or send a CID message to a Windows system."


    The NCID Server on a MythTV Backend:


I see there is also a Gnome project at FreshMeat: 

Scott G. Hall
Raleigh, NC, USA
ScottGHall at BellSouth.Net

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