[Trilug-ontopic] Trilug-ontopic Digest, Vol 22, Issue 1

Scott G. Hall ScottGHall at BellSouth.Net
Mon Jul 6 15:12:56 EDT 2009

Ivan Panarusky wrote:
> In the coming days/weeks, I'm going to build a mail server. Why? Because I
> want to build a mail server. Now the question is what mail transfer agent to
> use. I was reading a bunch of articles and mailing lists, and they all seem
> to lean to postfix. Any opinions from the professionals?

I've been mulling over the same question.  Besides Postfix and Sendmail, what 
are folks thoughts on exim?  (small network, small number of users)

And similarly, for local IMAP or POP service, what do you recommend?  I see a 
lot of recommendations for Dovecot, but what about UW's originals, Courier or Cyrus?

Opinions please...

Scott G. Hall
Raleigh, NC, USA
ScottGHall at BellSouth.Net

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