[Trilug-ontopic] wrestling with Apache basic config

Brandon T Stone brandon.stone at duke.edu
Thu Jul 1 08:38:25 EDT 2010

My first guess would be SELinux, which is on by default and usually causes 
problems with Apache if not configured properly, although, I apache 
returns a Forbidden rather than a file not found.  In any case, you can 
disable SELinux temporarily to test your setup by issuing setenforce 0 as 
a super user.  More info here: 
http://www.electrictoolbox.com/switch-off-selinux-centos-5/ and 
http://beginlinux.com/server_training/web-server/976-apache-and-selinux if 
you want to keep SELinux running.

If it is in fact SELinux, you should see errors in your log files 
/var/log/httpd/error_log , check your conf file for the correct location 
of the error log.  If it isn't SELinux, the log file may very well tell 
you where it's looking for the file that it cannot find.


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[Trilug-ontopic] wrestling with Apache basic config

I am attempting to administer a somewhat new server (centos 5.1) via 
webmin, also have console access.  I have succesfully mouted an Apache 
vitual web server that seems to be just fine.  The Apache default web 
site, however, will not serve a simple jpg that i have been using for 
testing (or a simple html file), reporting 'file not found';  sure looks 
there to me.
My ultimate goal is to get phpmyadmin going, but first things first.
Might there be a well-known thing that I am missing?
Apologies if I am not using the list properly.
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