[Trilug-ontopic] sysadmin questions

Cristóbal Palmer cmp at cmpalmer.org
Sat Jun 12 17:02:56 EDT 2010

On Sat, Jun 12, 2010 at 5:48 AM, Richard O. Hammer <rhammer at fastmail.fm> wrote:
>  Now years ago I did see the omnipresent advice
> that one should not work as root unless necessary, because of the dangers.

The dangers are really that you'll end up somewhere and have less
information at your disposal to figure out where you are and how you
got there. I like using sudo mainly because it leaves a nice audit
trail that doesn't take much thinking or a lot of work to set up. I
suggest you take a bit of time to investigate sudo.

> So I'm thinking maybe I will:
>  - make a group for the developers in our team;
>  - make a user account for each developer with the default group being that
> one for developers;
>  - add the developers group to the tomcat group (??)

That sounds perfectly reasonable. See my other message, which includes
notes about using the 'wheel' group. Note for Ubuntu users: this would
be roughly equivalent to the 'admin' group.

Cristóbal M. Palmer
ibiblio.org systems
UNC Chapel Hill

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