[Trilug-ontopic] Wireless is dead after closing laptop lid

Ivan Panarusky panaruskyi at gmail.com
Mon Jun 21 02:23:48 EDT 2010

So I had just gotten to my Grandma's house and booted up my laptop. Her
wireless is setup with broadcast ssid, mac address filtering, and no
encryption. (don't bug me about this, it's the best I could do to keep a
squeezebox working) I logged into her router, and added my mac address to
the allowed list and pulled up the list of wireless networks on my laptop. I
noted that her network, and an additional encrypted one (neighbor) showed up
on the list. I selected her network, and connected without a problem.

Shortly thereafter, I closed my laptop's lid. A minute or two later, I
opened it again, but it didn't reconnect to wireless as it usually does.
Instead, no wireless networks showed up whatsoever. I tried rebooting the
computer multiple times, and reinstalling the broadcom driver, but I still
can't get wireless to connect at all. It won't show the list of available
networks, nor will it connect if you enter the ssid manually. (It appears to
try though) The wired connection works fine though.

I know that I didn't accidentally disable the wireless card, because it
clearly says when I do. I also don't believe that it's a problem with her
router, because the squeezebox still works, and the neighbors connection
should still be showing up anyway.

I'm not sure if this is a hardware failure, but that is unlikely as this
laptop is about a week old. I have a Dell Studio 14z (1440) running Ubuntu


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