[Trilug-ontopic] wrestling with Apache basic config

jtrilug at indythinker.com jtrilug at indythinker.com
Wed Jun 30 15:14:07 EDT 2010

dave at abercom.com wrote:
> I am attempting to administer a somewhat new server (centos 5.1) via 
> webmin, also have console access.  I have succesfully mouted an Apache 
> vitual web server that seems to be just fine.  The Apache default web 
> site, however, will not serve a simple jpg that i have been using for 
> testing (or a simple html file), reporting 'file not found';  sure 
> looks there to me.
Are you sure you know which directory it's looking in for its files? It 
should be listed in the directives used to setup the site.

Kind regards,

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