[Trilug-ontopic] Email threading issues...

Rodney Radford rradford at mindspring.com
Fri Oct 1 15:23:53 EDT 2010

I raised this issue before, and I was under the impression it was resolved.  However, I seldom post here so I have not had a chance to test it, so perhaps the problem was not resolved.  Others have also reported it, so I know it is just not an issue with me...

So what is the 'issue' - glad you asked... ;-)

I usually use webmail to compose my messages so I can access my account from multiple locations, so I post to TriLUG by posting a new message - NOT replying to a previous message - but it sometimes shows as if it was actually a reply under another thread.

For example, I posted about the opening at NetApp, but when I look online at the TriLUG archives page, it shows my message as being a reply under the thread about a SysAdmin position at another company.  Not only did I not issue my post as a reply to that message, I actually started composing my message before that message was even received by me and I did not even see it until my message had been sent.

So is the problem on the sending side (ie: the way the webmail is sending the message), on TriLUG's server side of how they are somehow handling my webmail, or is it a problem in the way the threads are displayed by Pipermail?  If it is on my side, I am probably screwed as I don't have any way to change it, but not, does anyone know if the problem can be resolved, and if so, do they know how?


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