[Trilug-ontopic] Linux on a G4.. looking for reccomendations

Scott G. Hall ScottGHall at BellSouth.Net
Fri Sep 3 15:36:20 EDT 2010

Greg Brown wrote:
> [...] I'm looking for recommendations for what flavor of Linux to use.
> The one and only version of Linux I had installed on a PowerPC processor
> was Yellow Dog Linux, is still the main player in the arena?  Is there
> even an arena to speak these days?  The machine won't require a GUI of
> any kind. I see several different flavors of Linux are supported but
> I'm looking for some real-world experiences.  What did you use and
> would you choose the same again?

You might also consider FreeBSD...

The best place I know to answer your questions is PPCnerds:

The have a wealth of user experience reviews posted, and tips on what
to do to each distro to get the most out of it.

Scott G. Hall
Raleigh, NC, USA
ScottGHall at BellSouth.Net

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