[Trilug-ontopic] how to shrink superblock?

Alan Porter porter at trilug.org
Mon Aug 8 10:32:08 EDT 2011

I don't have an answer to your immediate problem with
the partition resize. However, after you get your current
mess cleaned up, you may want to look at LVM. I use it
all over the place, even on my laptop. It's really great to
create and resize and remove partitions on the fly without
messing with the partition table.

I gave a presentation on LVM (and RAID and LUKS) to the
LUG back in January. There are some starter notes inside.


In case you're thinking "I can't use LVM... this is SWAP",
I'll point out that Linux is perfectly happy with a swap
partition on top of LVM on top of LUKS. That's how I set
my laptop up, so that the entire disk is encrypted at a
very low level. The boot sequence is smart enough to
find the swap partition to recover from hibernate.

+ part1 = 128MB for /boot
+ part2 = 600GB LUKS partition
- + LVM physical volume /dev/mapper/cryptoroot
- - + LVM volume group "vg1"
- - - + LVM logical volume "home"
- - - + LVM logical volume "swap"
- - - + LVM logical volume "mint"
- - - + LVM logical volume "music"
- - - + LVM logical volume "movies"
- - - + LVM logical volume "temp-work"

Blog post about encrypting your entire disk:

The advantage of using a single LUKS partition as an LVM
physical volume (as opposed to making a normal PV with
encrpyted LV's on top) is that I enter one password at
bootup time to access the entire encrypted disk.

# ɹǝʇɹoԀ uɐl∀

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