[Trilug-ontopic] smallest laptop that can run linux that has a 9 pin serial port

Jeremy Portzer jeremyp at pobox.com
Tue Jul 26 10:48:10 EDT 2011

My experience working with network gear is half the time you need some other adapter anyway - null modem, gender changer, db9 to rj45 serial, etc. So I suspect living with the USB to serial dongles is just a fact of the present times and I don't let it bother me - it's always gonna be a string of adapters.  Laptop manufacturers looking to save space are surely going to choose the ancient serial port as one of the first casualties. 

Console servers are the best way to avoid the hassle long term. We use the  "Digi CM" products. 

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On 26/07/2011, at 11:21 PM, Greg Brown <gwbrown1 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Title pretty much says it all: I'm looking for a very small laptop (tiny if possible) that has a DB-9 port so I can easily interface with Cisco gear without having to worry about USB dongles, etc.
> A lightweight windowing system would be ideal and RJ-45 dongle-less ethernet would be nice but not 100% required (802.11 is fairly useless inside the company so that isn't required at all).
> Suggestions?
> Greg
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