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Ben Coughenour benc at alumni.psu.edu
Fri Mar 11 10:02:03 EST 2011

The Perl thread tutorial has lots of example code and is online. 
http://perldoc.perl.org/perlthrtut.html  It has sections on locking and 
semaphores that you can use to control access to the log file.


On 3/10/2011 5:07 PM, Greg Brown wrote:
> Ok, I've GOT to get my scripts using threads.  Here's what I've got 
> and what I'd like to do:
> source: a 3000 line file with hostnames, IP addrs, etc.
> what script does: logs into each device using Net::SSH::Expect that 
> makes configuration changes to IOS devices (uses Net::SSH::Expect 
> rather than expect.pm <http://expect.pm> because one of our NMS 
> servers is a windows box and the scripts have to run across all NMS 
> servers.. sigh)
> how script does it: the guts of the script, the real work, is all done 
> in a subscript.  The main portion of the script opens the file and 
> creates a foreach loop to process each line (and device) one at at 
> time.  As you might imagine this script takes a long time to complete. 
>  The subscript returns a message to the main script that is written to 
> a log file ("login failed", "change implemented", etc).
> what I'd like to do: take a group of devices, say five at at time, and 
> launch the subscript as a thread so I can process more than one device 
> at a time.  I would imagine this would involve some kind of flock on 
> the log file so two threads couldn't return at the same time.  John B. 
> sent me some instructions how to thread a perl script a while back but 
> now I can't find it.
> Does anyone know of a perl book with good and clear examples that use 
> threads?
> Greg
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