[Trilug-ontopic] apt-get broken again on my debian box

Aaron Schrab aaron at schrab.com
Wed Apr 25 16:15:11 EDT 2012

At 15:53 -0400 25 Apr 2012, Greg Brown <gwbrown1 at gmail.com> wrote:
>Looks like I missed the boat to do an apt-get dist-upgrade (which is what
>I'm trying to do in order to upgrade to the latest distribution).  The
>machine isn't right in front of me so setting this up to be able to
>dist-upgrade remotely would be preferred.  I'll poke around and see what I
>can get working.

Since your sources.list file is explicitly referring to lenny, you'll 
need to update that to either refer to the "stable" release (which would 
cause the machine to automatically switch to following the next stable 
release when that happens) or to "squeeze" which is the codename for the 
current stable release.  That will allow you to fetch updated package 
lists and do a dist-upgrade.  This would have been necessary even before 
support for lenny was dropped.

But, I'd advise looking at the release notes for squeeze before doing 
the upgrade.  IIRC, it advises specifically updating a few key packages 
before running dist-upgrade to do the majority of the upgrade, to help 
avoid some problems.

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