[Trilug-ontopic] Steam coming to Linux

Brandon Van Every bvanevery at gmail.com
Sat Oct 20 21:38:45 EDT 2012

Hi, I'm new, and I have not met any of you in person yet.  Much as you
can tell I like political debate, I need to refocus on the reasons I
signed up for these mailing lists.  :-)

Earlier this year I learned that Valve was bringing the Steam gaming
portal to Linux.  I was sorely sick of the Microsoft toolchains,
especially Visual Studio and MSBuild, so I bolted.  Valve's entry
changed the likelyhood of a viable gaming market developing on Linux -
and by that I mean the Linux desktop, not Android.  I calculated that
even if Valve didn't follow through on their intent, the Desura portal
already existed on Linux and the Humble Indie Bundle was having a
disproportionate amount of Linux backing.  So it seemed to me that
it's a good time to become a Linux indie game developer, possibly
seizing a window of opportunity as it begins to open.  As it turns
out, Valve did follow through on their plans.  They've supposed to be
doing a closed external beta of Steam on Linux sometime this month.

So, what do you LUGers know about Linux game development, or efforts
in that direction in the region?  I'm interested.

Brandon Van Every

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