[TriLUG] RedHat 7.2 Kernel troubles

Vestal, Roy L. rvestal at rti.org
Wed Nov 7 12:40:41 EST 2001

think i found the problem. When i sliced my drive, i created the following

--/dev/hda1 - Windoze 2K
--/dev/hda2 - /boot and /
--/dev/hda2/extended - swap
--/dev/hda4 - Windoze 2K second partition

What is should have been:
--/dev/hda1 - Windoze 2K
--/dev/hda2 - Extended
    --/dev/hda3 - /boot
    --/dev/hda5 - swap
    --/dev/hda6 - /
--/dev/hda4 - Windoze 2K second partition

Since I reinstalled like this, I've not gotten the error. I'm now using
rpjday's mini-howto on kernel building, and it seems to be fine.

I've built 2 test kernels, one from the "generic" athlon config from RH, and
now I've modified that config building the second test. Once this works, I'm
going to add Win4Lin patches, rebuild and test, then add VMWare. I'll update
you on the status

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On Tue, 6 Nov 2001, Vestal, Roy L. wrote:

> I just tried rebuilding the kernel as per rpjday and kevin's suggestion.
> still getting the "initrd not found" error.

hold on.  originally, you said you were getting "init not found" during
boot time.  are you saying the error message has changed?


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