[TriLUG] Re: Re: A review of "Redmond Linux"--it gets very high marks for desktop users..

al johson alfjon at mindspring.com
Mon Apr 22 00:04:00 EDT 2002

Yeah, my ensonic card has been rather easily installed by Mandrake and
Redhat in the past. Oddly enough Redmond Linux correctly identified the type
of sound card, but for some reason it couldn't install it. I know the card
is working because I put my hard drives in drawers which can be easily
replaced with, e.g. another hard drive with Win98 on it.
    I've never understood when after installing Linux the sound card doesn't
work yet one part of the Linux OS knows what kind of sound card is on the
board while another part of the SAME OS on the Same drive when queried about
sound card info reports that the sound card is unknown. This is sort of like
the left hand of the Linux OS not knowing what the right hand is doing
:-)) --Al Johnson.

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> [al johson]
> > list--they didn't have my Matrox 450 video card (only the 400), nor my
> I have a workstation with the 250 and all investigations have said that
> the 250 and 450 are simply higher-clocked versions of the 200 and 400,
> respectively.  Woulda been nicer to have the equiv of "ln -s 400 450"
> of course, but there ya go. :)
> > Ensonic sound card (which didn't work after installation)
> dunno about the Ensoniq cards - I haven't used one in a few years but
> it worked great back then.
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