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Vestal, Roy L. rvestal at rti.org
Mon Apr 22 08:56:38 EDT 2002

I'll have my RHL 7.2 box with a CDRW with me If we need to burn CD's.

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On Sun, 2002-04-21 at 23:58, Reginald Reed wrote:
> I'm probably going to be in town for the Installfest and I'd like to
> volunteer to help.  Its been a while since I've done Sparc and Alpha
> installs, but I can probably help out there.  If we're running out of
> space on the servers people are bringing, let me know and I can bring a
> couple gigs of mirrored stuff too.


I'm prepping my Ultra 5 now as a server and have tons of space.  Still
populating it now.  So I don't think server space is an issue.

> Also, let me know if we need more networking gear.  At bare minimum, I
> will bring a 24 port Cisco Catalyst 10/100 switch.  If we need more
> ports, I can arrange to bring more, all 10/100 switched with VLANS if
> necessary.


Is anyone bringing long patch cables?  I think that is one area we are
still short on.

And will we have enough IP addresses to go around at this event or is a
NAT'ing firewall needed?

I think it would be useful if someone had a CD-R with them and some
blank CD's for the architectures that must boot from CD.  For example, I
know a lot of the PCI bus UltraSPARC systems have great difficulties
booting from floppy.  We may run into laptops as well that don't have a
floppy drive installed.

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