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Ken Mink ken.mink at
Mon Apr 22 11:48:31 EDT 2002

On Mon, 2002-04-22 at 10:12, Tanner Lovelace wrote:
> On Mon, 2002-04-22 at 10:04, Ken Mink wrote:
> > Our builder let me install my own CAT5. He said, and I quote,"I can't
> > tell you can do it. If you stay away from the electrical wiring, I won't
> > rip out anything that I find." This was from our Centrex field manager.
> > The sales puke was less then helpful when I asked him about it. Of
> > course our field manager was great. He made some really minor changes
> > without making us go through the sales office. He also put in a ramp for
> > my wife, she's disabled, at no cost.
> Cool.  Just out of curiosity, where did you build?

Wyngate, it's at the intersection of Ebenezer Chruch and Westgate in
northwest Raleigh.
> Also, can you describe your CAT5 setup?  If my builder will let me run
> the CAT5 myself that would be fabulous.

We're DINKs, so I was able to claim one of the bedrooms as an office. I
ran CAT5 from all the other rooms back to the closet in my office. I
also put two runs from where my desk would be in the office to the
closet. Our house is a ranch and on a hill. My "crawl" space is about
8ft tall. I ran my wiring through the crawl space. As I said before the
field manager told me to steer clear of the electrical wiring, which I
did. I did add my CAT5 to some of their cable and telephone boxes,
though. I just put a 100/10 switch in the closet and all the jacks in
the house have access to the linux firewall/server that is attached to
the cable modem.
One thing I've regretted is not adding more phone jacks. While I have
network behind the entertainment center, I don't have a phone
connection. I recently got a TiVo and now have to run more cable.

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