[TriLUG] Cabling wish list

Greg Cox glcox at pobox.com
Tue Apr 23 02:13:03 EDT 2002

> If you were designing your dream house, what
> would you do in regards to cabling.

First: WHOLE HOUSE SURGE PROTECTOR slotted in at the top of
the breaker box.  It's trivial to install yourself.  Just ask
for your electrician to NOT start at the very top of the
breaker box, so you can put it there.  GE model cost maybe

Double runs of honkin' speaker wire to appropriate rooms.
4-6 runs of cat 6 to every drop, depending on need for phones.
Conduit as large as you can get without being structurally
unsound (ask about doubling headers and metal-binding them
if your conduit will eat away too much space in a 2x4)
Minimum 1 drop per room, CATV to all drops.  Pull strings for
later additions.  All drops feed into double or triple gang
boxes, even if drywall initially is only cut away enough to
expose the size of a single.  Terminate them all back to a
grounded in-wall box.  UPS provisions for this comms area.

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