[TriLUG] Installfest minutia (two grills, or not two grills...that is the question)

J Johnson justin at eCotton.com
Thu Apr 25 14:29:44 EDT 2002

> > You're right.  I might get sick if my meat gets any
> residual juices from vegetables.

:-) Those rutabaga's can be scary!

> Enough from the peanut gallery... :-P
Um, that's the legume gallery please.

> You never saw Poppye bulking up with a steak did you?
No, and I never Fred Flinstone feeding Dino spinach either....

I guess what I was trying to point out is that if there is someone that
won't eat something that has been cooked on a grill the has had meat cooked
on it EVER, then there will need to be another grill brought. If they just
want some real estate on the grill that is sans fresh 'residual' greases,
that is fine by me.

Long story short; My grill will be there. I'll make some room for the
vegetarians that understand that meat has been cooked on it before. If that
doesn't work for you, sorry, but YOYO.

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