[TriLUG] Best place for SPARC ISOs

Henryk M. Kowalski kowalski at easternrad.com
Thu Apr 25 22:13:25 EDT 2002

> On Tue, 2002-04-23 at 17:35, M. Mueller wrote:
> >
> > >
> > > > ftp://kickstart.linux.ncsu.edu
> >
> > Can anyone help me understand why I keep getting failures on downloading an
> > ISO?  I have DSL.  I've tried multiple machines.  I've tried initiating the
> > download with browser and ftp.  I've tried multiple sites.  The site above
> > will let me get between 450 and 510 Mb before stopping.  Up to that point the
> > downloading is quite brisk.  I think I'm on failure no. 8 now.  Any help
> > would be appreciated.
> >

'wget' is an alternative that has worked for me on occasion.  It will
pick up an aborted download very nicely, plus you can leave it running
in the background even when you log off your machine.  The man page is
very thorough, readable and useful (speaking from a newbie


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