[TriLUG] Install hell

Christopher Knowles knowlesc at telocity.com
Sat Apr 27 19:59:06 EDT 2002

Well, I don't have any specific advice... other than to say that I've got a 
XPS R 450 with 256 MB RAM that I've installed RH7.2 on.  The only difference 
is that I don't have a maxtor ATA-100 controller.

Could you try the install with the motherboard IDE controller?  I know that 
Dell's can get cranky with some hardware.


On Saturday 27 April 2002 06:47 pm, Robert A. Henderson wrote:
> I've just wasted an entire day trying to install Mandrake 8.2 and
> RH 7.2.  I've installed earlier versions of both before just not on
> this machine.
> Everything starts off fine but dies after the first 100 or so RPMs go
> on the disk. Mandrake complains of a memory exhausted error, RH complains
> of (usually) a bad magic # on the bootblock or something similar.
> Dell XPS R450, 448Mb RAM, trying to install on a Maxtor 20G drive attached
> to a Maxtor ATA-100 controller.
> Machine boots/runs Win98 just fine. 98 formats and sees 20G drive, copied
> over a ton of files. Maxtor utilities check drive out as ok.
> Radeon 7000 AGP, works ok, everything seems to be hunky dory except after
> the install writes to the disk for a while. Tried DiskDruid and FDISK
> (linux) and they see drive, partition, format, etc.
> I'm at a loss.
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