[TriLUG] Install hell

Robert A. Henderson rah at ntrnet.net
Sun Apr 28 13:31:10 EDT 2002

On 27 Apr 2002, Kevin - The Alchemist - Sonney wrote:

> On Sat, 2002-04-27 at 20:50, Robert A. Henderson wrote:
> > I tried it with the motherboards IDE controller. It was flaking out
> > in very similar ways. That's when I decided to go buy a Maxtor ATA-100
> > controller. Looks like I'm $40 in the hole on that one. :-/
> I've seen instances where a drive is reported good by an M$ OS, but
> Linux finds bad blocks and throws up. Case and point - I had a failing
> hard drive. if I formatted the partition fat I could rea and write the
> the sectors all day - I have no idea if I was loosing data or if M$ hits
> and error and skips the sector or what. Formatted with ext2 and a bad
> block scan (which didn't find anything wrong, mind you) and when I
> attempted to write to the bad sectors, whammo! - seek errors, and other
> problems. 
> I'd try a different drive. Does it may any funny noises when it fails?

I've run the utilites from Maxtor that go over it with a fine tooth comb.
(According to them.) Nada.

I low leveled it last night. Still looking through the HOWTOs and google
before I take another shot.

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