[TriLUG] Road Runner problems anyone?

Greg Brown gregbrown at mindspring.com
Mon Dec 9 12:34:46 EST 2002

Hey luggers.  Are any of you experiencing RR flakiness starting BEFORE the
ice storm?  My cable modem connection rarely stays active for more than two
hours at which time the status light on my Scientific American cable modem
starts to blink and my connection dies.  The only way I've found to fix this
problem is shut down the edge computer connected to the modem and pull the
power on the modem as well.  And wait.  And wait.  Usually the problem
clears in about nine to twelve hours where I have a tiny window (around two
hours) of connectivity.

Granted - with all the work going on post ice-storm I expect to have some
problems with connectivity as networks come back on-line but this kind of
thing has been going on for at least a week prior to the storm.

Am I the only one?


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