[TriLUG] Re: Road Runner problems anyone?

lfwelty lfwelty at redback.com
Mon Dec 9 14:24:57 EST 2002

Anyone on from around the Wade avenue area of raleigh?

My cable modem and digital cable is still down. But, they're 
still clearing trees further up wade avenue so I wasn't too
worried yet. Can anyone confirm they have access off this grid?



James Manning wrote:
> > [Andrew Perrin]
> > Not me - our cable modem has been entirely reliable up until the
> > storm. Cable is still out now, though, for both TV and data.
> same here - solid cable modem before the storm (cable was fine up
> until I did a controlled shutdown of everything on the UPS that
> included the cable modem) but it's been dead the entire time power has
> been back (5:38pm Sat).
> A call into TWC said my area's network should be working fine, and
> they've scheduled a tech to come out tomorrow morning, so we'll see
> how that goes.  I called in mainly just to get a time estimate, but a
> response of "you *should* be up and fine" was disturbing and
> unexpected :)
> James
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