[TriLUG] RedHat 8.0 / IPTables / GRE packets?

prhodes at vdsinc.com prhodes at vdsinc.com
Tue Dec 10 14:27:13 EST 2002

Question for you network / linux guru's...

I'm using RedHat 8.0, and trying to connect to a poptop server.  The poptop
is also an iptables based firewall, providing masquerading for the rest of
network, from the cable modem...

The problem is, I can't establish a connection to the poptop server from my
I have (I think) narrowed the problem down to pptpd not receiving the
config-req response
from the client.  This appears to be because the GRE packets aren't getting

I have a line in my iptables script which is supposed to allow GRE

iptables -A INPUT -p 47 -i eth0 -s 0/0 -j ACCEPT

but it still doesn't work.  Curiously enough, even if I try to log incoming
GRE packets

iptables -A INPUT -p 47 -i eth0 -s 0/0 -j LOG

I don't see anything in the log from an attempted connection.  However, if
I run
tcpdump on eth0 and watch the raw packets when I try a connection, I see
GRE packets come in.  It's almost like iptables isn't recognizing the GRE

Does anybody know if there's anything else special I need to do to
make this work?  If so, please do tell....


Phillip Rhodes
Application Designer
Voice Data Solutions
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prhodes at vdsinc.com

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