[TriLUG] Gaming on Linux talk

Chris Knowles knowlesc at telocity.com
Thu Dec 12 23:21:53 EST 2002

First off, let me say thanks for letting me talk at you about gaming,
it's something I enjoy, and I had a blast working on it.

I promised to post the URL of the talk, so here goes...


Also, many of your were asking about info on making your own Arcade
style console.  (That hunk of wood with the buttons on it.)

Eventually, I'd like to have my own site on this, but for now just use
the link I used when learning about these...


Also, wanted to reiterate, the TriLUG BZFlag (http://www.bzflag.org/)
server can be found at bzflag.trilug.org, port 5155.

If you see Daleth there, that's me!

Anyway, hope you all have fun playing around on Linux...

Chris Knowles <knowlesc at telocity.com>
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