[TriLUG] [Trilug-announce] Kernel Class - This Saturday!

Greg Brown gregbrown at mindspring.com
Fri Dec 13 23:24:55 EST 2002

Yes.  I'll be there.

Greg Brown

On Wednesday, Dec 11, 2002, at 22:37 America/New_York, Lisa C. Boyd 

> Just a reminder of the class coming up this Saturday. Please let me 
> know
> if there's even a chance that you might come so that security has your
> name. I've read through the list and my email and gathered all that 
> have
> signed up in the past week - so rest assured you're on the list. I'll
> bring a copy of the list with me to the meeting tomorrow night so you
> can double check or sign up then. I need to have this list turned in by
> Friday noon - so don't delay if you haven't signed up yet!!
> FYI - we're up to 21 people :) Below are directions to SAS and class
> time!
> ***Class Info***
> Date: December 14, 2002
> Time: 2 pm - 4 pm
> Where: Bldg F, room 101 SAS Campus Dr.
> What: Kernel Class
> Tom "Spot" Callaway has agreed to teach a kernel class on Saturday,
> December 14th from 2 pm until 4 pm at SAS. This will be a lecture with 
> a
> question and answer session. There will only be enough room for you to
> bring a laptop and there will not be internet access.
> ***Directions***
> Here are the directions that Dan sent me. Let me know if there are any
> questions about them and we'll try to get everything cleared up.
> Lisa B.
> -------- Original Message --------
> Subject: Directions to SAS Campus
> SAS is located off of Harrison ave in Cary.
> 1) IF coming off 40, you will want to take the Harrison ave exit.
>         -40E from Durham, turn right at top of ramp and immediately get
> into the far left lane. It is a free flow lane, but traffic really
> shouldn't be to bad on a Saturday. You will see the entrance to SAS on
> your left.
>         -40W from Raleigh, turn left. The next light and on your left
> will be the entrance to SAS.
> 2) If coming down Harrison ave, look for the SAS campus on your right
> just before the intersection for 40. You should see the sculptures on
> the lawn prior to getting to the light. Turn right onto the campus.
> Once you've checked in with security, proceed straight down Campus
> drive. The class will be in Bldg. F, which will be on your right about
> 1/4 of a mile from the gate or at the second speed bump. It is 
> important
> that you please obey the posted speed. Parking is in the rear of the
> building, so turn right at the first intersection (between bldgs. F & 
> J)
> and you'll see a parking lot on your right. The entrance to the
> cafeteria will be at the top of the stairs. If you begin to see signs
> for buildings V, R, S, or T...you've gone to far and need to turn back.
> In case there are any difficulties please share with the people that 
> are
> coming my contact info, listed below. Thanks.
> Dan Chase
> (w) 531 0740
> (m) 522 8011
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> Lisa B.
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