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Ryan Leathers ryan.leathers at globalknowledge.com
Mon Nov 17 17:01:38 EST 2003

Sorry for the spam.  I missed the meeting last week so I didnt get to
offer this lead.  Since I know there are at least a few TriLUG members
looking for work I thought it worth the spammage.

My employer is looking for one person who has experience with:
J2EE development (needs to be solid in this area)
Oracle 9i DBA skills (be at least comfortable)
Linux Sysadmin skills (again be at least comfortable)
And some other stuff...

If you need to know more you may email me directly.
I do not know the pay range.
The hiring manager is ready to act immediately for the right person.

Ryan Leathers <ryan.leathers at globalknowledge.com>
Global Knowledge
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