[TriLUG] Digital Camera vs. Linux

Michael Thompson thompson at easternrad.com
Tue Nov 18 07:38:30 EST 2003

Both Nikon's that I use (Coolpix 995 & Coolpix 4300) just plug & play as
a USB storage device when they are attached to my Red Hat 9 box via USB
cable.  I just have to mount the device and viola!

The 995 is no longer available, the 4300 cost about $400 a year ago when
I bought it.  Overall, they are both very nice cameras, imho.


On Mon, 2003-11-17 at 17:05, Lance A. Brown wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm looking to get a decent, not great, but decent digital camera.  I 
> can't afford to spend the bucks on a top-o-the-line unit just now.  My 
> concern is I want to make sure what I buy works with Linux.  Do y'all 
> have any suggestions on a digital camera that works well with Linux?
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