[TriLUG] is this for real?

davis davis at skink.net
Tue Nov 18 10:07:27 EST 2003

On Tue, Nov 18, 2003 at 10:07:07AM -0500, David R.Matusiak wrote:
> On Tuesday, November 18, 2003, at 09:49  AM, davis wrote:
> >Hello
> >
> >This came by way of slashdot.  Is this real.  It seems to silly to be 
> >true.
> >
> >http://www.tabletpctalk.com/pictures/comdex2003billg2.shtml
> >
> >Also, what does the linux screenshot say?
> Looks like "UNIX Kernel Panic?  Recompile Driver??"

That's probably it.  I was going to say kernel error, but you are more
likely right.

> It is probably true.  I always suspected that Microsoft was involved 
> with The Matrix.  And it clearly says (in the matrix code) Windows 
> Server 2003, Longhorn.

Steve Balmer and Bill Gates in black leather.  That's kinda creepy.

Speaking of m$.  I got an email from M$ support this morning:

"Is the "WinHTTP" component included in your configuration? I've noticed that this component doesn't get automatically pulled in by the DUA component and needs to be explicitly added."  

Well, that is nice to know.  WinHTTP doesn't get pulled in when you add the DUA
component and the dependecy check does not fail when you build with DUA and
without WinHTTP.

Happy Trails	

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