[TriLUG] Apache & MySQL

Stephen Hoffman srhoffman at bellsouth.net
Tue Nov 18 07:29:40 EST 2003

> It looks like a configuration issue.  Can you connect via the local
> mysql tool?

Flawlessly, and the webserver connects just fine to retrieve data from the dB

>How about if you specify a hostname?

No Difference

>Does a "SELECT sqlUser from users where password=ENCRYPT('password')" work?

No, sqlUser is the valid login to mysql, with INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE privs.
I can see the table of users with:
SELECT userName, password FROM users;

> What about "password=password('password')"?

I'll try that one now....
although the password encrypts differently, I still get the same error
about password mismatch.

>What query did you use to generate the users?

INSERT into users (userName, password) VALUES ('steve', ENCRYPT('password'))

It apears that the username is matching correctly in the table, if I put a
username not in the table then I get this error:
 MySQL user test not found: /admin/
any username in the table gets password mismatch, are there other types of
encryption that apache expects MySQL to be using?



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