[TriLUG] Apache & MySQL

Frye, Matthew Matthew.Frye at rexhealth.com
Wed Nov 19 10:36:39 EST 2003

	I'm pretty sure the function for password encryption is
	PASSWORD('plaintextpw') -- at least that's what I always use and it
	seems to work for me.  ENCRYPT() does something different.  If you
	the MySQL documentation, you'll see they always use the PASSWORD()
	function too.

	Also, there are mysqladmin commands and GRANT statements that allow
	do to this kind of stuff without raw SQL.  That is preferred,
	that way you don't need to worry about which function to use; it's
	care of.


I've found that the GRANT works for chaning permissions, but not very well
for creating users.  I would recomment setting up the user, and password
using PASSWORD('yadda') as Heremy suggested, and then use GRANT to adjust
permissions to specific table, dbs, etc.  


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