[TriLUG] Perl Project

Daniel Zhang zhang at clinicaltools.com
Wed Nov 19 16:14:45 EST 2003

Although I should not help you with detail for your project, I can give 
you some clues:

(1) Read your text files into a string
(2) Split the string into an array based on delimiter '^'(make sure '^" 
is unique in your text file), e.g. @array = split(/\^/, $textString);
(3) Print the array elements only with odd number of index(hint: if( ($i 
% 2) == 1) { print footer...} )

BTW, how can you know NC TriLUG could help you remotely while there are 
bunch of people in TX may provide help locally?


Charonda Woods wrote:

>Hello my name is Charonda Woods and I am a student
>here at St. Edward's University in Austin.  I'm
>working on a project here and I was wondering if you
>could offer any suggestions or advice please.  I have
>to parse text files with Perl and if I enter in a text
>file lines such as:
>^This is the footer of my code.
>Computer Information Science major
>Austin, Tx.^
>How do I tell my program to out put any text that is
>between carrots (^) and print it in HTML as a footer
>of a web page?
>I also have another question I'm trying to get one of
>my programs to read 3 textfiles for example a lecture,
>homework, and university dates files and output the
>dates the user puts in, into a calendar similar to the
>one on www.stedwards.edu/science/cassandra web page,
>just click on calendar for one of his courses.  I'm
>having trouble trying to match the dates the user puts
>in to the boxes/table I create in HTML.  If you could
>help me I would greatly appreciate it.  Have a good
>  Charonda
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