[TriLUG] performance enhancements?

prhodes at vdsinc.com prhodes at vdsinc.com
Fri Nov 21 10:23:27 EST 2003

> I currently use Domain Monger ( http://www.domainmonger.com ).  Their
> interface isn't wonderful, but they're cheap at $17/yr (less if you pay
> several years at a time).  Their interface is also a bit of a kludge,
> but it works, which I couldn't say for my experiences with Register.com
> and Networksolutions.com.

FWIW, I used Register.com for my domain and had a fine experience. Their
web interface worked just fine for me.  The only problem I had was a
billing problem (caused by a SNAFU at my bank), and the Register.com
customer service people were very friendly and cooperative, and had
the problem resolved almost immediately.



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