[TriLUG] article: N&O Home Users Leap to Linux

Jon Carnes jonc at nc.rr.com
Sat Nov 22 13:05:53 EST 2003

Wow!  Is it too early to nominate Lee Heavlin for the Steering Committee
(specifically for the role of Publicity Minister).  :-)

Those ideas (and organizational concepts) are all great!  Just what
TriLUG needs to help make it's next step forward in growth.

Jon Carnes

On Sat, 2003-11-22 at 12:32, Lee Heavlin wrote:
> My experience with newspaper writers is that they are very receptive to a
> background paper full of facts, but written like a newspaper article.  Add
> eye-catching, human interest photos.  The editor often will accept it and
> run with the item as a feature.  If passed to a reporter with an invitation
> to a meeting, you may get a revised story using your input, his new
> thoughts, and his byline.
> Have used this method successfully with the Durham Herald.  The editor took
> the story and photos and gave us a 3/4 page article (covering a charity).
> The InstallFest could be TriLUG's story.  Focus on the desktop user and
> "Home Users Leap to Linux."  Things that caught my attention at the last
> InstallFest were:
> 1. A kid and his dad building a new box for gaming
> 2. People traveling great distances to participate
> 3. Helpfulness of the TriLUG group
> 4. Friendly, festive event.
> 5. Local business providing equipment (monitors) for event.
>  Focus on the emerging desktop Linux.  Cover the humble beginnings in Chapel
> Hill five years ago.  Compare that to standing room only meetings now.  If
> the Steering Committee prepared material covering the Summer InstallFest,
> with pictures, it should get the material to the Durham Herald and N&O at
> least two weeks before the event.  Include News Channel 14 and WRAL.  Both
> thirst for material.
> Having a major Linux player providing support (product) would be helpful.
> Since Red Hat is moving toward enterprise, they may not be an InstallFest
> option.  SuSE?  IBM?
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> Considering I mentioned TriLug more than once during the interview - so
> did my wife.... I was hoping that it would have made the side-bar as
> well.
> Mark
> On Wed, 2003-11-19 at 12:34, Scott Lundgren wrote:
> > Home users leap to Linux
> > Security problems, costs make Microsoft less appealing
> > http://newsobserver.com/business/story/3034938p-2777326c.html
> >
> > Surprisingly, for having passed it's 5th b'day and being mentioned in the
> > nationally published LinuxWorld mag, TriLUG is not explicitly listed in
> the
> > Resources side bar. The steering committe might want to mention these
> points
> > methinks, the writer's contact info is at the bottom of the article.
> >
> > - SL
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