[TriLUG] Remote management with Cyclades

Chris MacLeod stick at miscellaneous.net
Sun Nov 23 22:53:49 EST 2003

This may be a little late (been slack about reading mail)  but I've used
both the cyclades black boxes and their hardware cards.  I was never
very happy with the serial appliances.  The OS was kludgy and slow and
lacked some things I wanted.  So I very easily build my own using the
cyclades cards (which are excellent).  The ones I got came in 16 port
blocks that you could join together for 128 ports per card.  Then I used
conserver (which is originally from freebsd) to manage all the serial
ports.  It worked much better than the cyclades appliances and was about
$1600 cheaper (I alraedy had a server I used for the host)



On Sat, Nov 22, 2003 at 01:33:13PM -0500, Jason White wrote:
> Thanks for all the responses.  We should be getting the Cyclades hardware
> next week, and I'll report back anything that may be useful for the group.
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Chris MacLeod

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