[TriLUG] hand-holding apache question...

Brian Henning brian at strutmasters.com
Tue Sep 7 10:27:42 EDT 2004

Yeah, I know, I should RTFM, but today I'm feeling stupid so I'm sure I'd
miss something (these Tuesday == Monday days always mess with my head)..
Right now, my httpd.conf file has no <VirtualHost> directives at all, and
all works as it should.  I'm about to start providing hosting service for a
non-profit that has their own domain, therefore I need to set up a
VirtualHost.  The particulars of that I can handle by RTFMing.  My concern
is, if I set up a specific VHost, do I then need to also explicitly set up
the *:80 VHost in order to continue servicing the default?  I just want to
make sure I don't break what already works.


Brian A. Henning

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