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Mike M no-linux-support at earthlink.net
Wed Sep 8 12:03:59 EDT 2004

On Wed, Sep 08, 2004 at 02:26:13AM -0400, Tom Bryan wrote:
> On Wednesday 08 September 2004 10:12 am, William Sutton wrote:
> > Thank you for the examples!  By "searchable", I mean "TortoiseCVS
> > can find the modules without my having to install ViewCVS on the server
> > since I don't have r00t privileges at $WORK" :)
> Since CVSROOT/modules is just a file in the repository, perhaps TortoiseCVS 
> simply grabs that file and reads the modules in it.  :-)
> Try setting up a simple "alias" module where you rename a folder and see 
> whether it shows up.

Risking that I am stating the obvious, I'll offer this: TortoiseCVS 
and WinCVS are GUI dressing around real CVS.  CVS is just a collection
of files. 

Can you offer more detail?  It seems that you are asking about 
TortoiseCVS explicitly. Do you have a user account on the CVS server with
read/write permission for your repository?  Have you tried using the
repository from a Linux system?  Can you log in to the CVS server
using putty and then use cvs command line to access the repository?

I set up WinCVS using the putty suite of tools.  It was a major PITA.
I have detailed procedure written for WinCVS.  If you have the freedom 
to choose your Windows CVS client, then you can try WinCVS and perhaps
gain experience that will port to TortoiseCVS.  I have a working WinCVS
setup that accesses a repository on a Linux box, so I can run tests and
send results to you if that would help.

I was not successful early on with TortoiseCVS, BTW.

The procedure (and it's rather rough) is located here for an 
indefinity (experimenting with creating new words).

( three-w). s s 7 b     o x (dot ) co m (slash  ) w in c    vs


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