[TriLUG] Reminder - NC*SA presents Tom Limoncelli, September 13,2004, 7pm at Red Hat Corporate HQ

Chris Knowles chrisk at trilug.org
Wed Sep 8 14:34:54 EDT 2004

I respectfully disagree.

I'm not on that list, as most of the topics aren't all that interesting
to me, but every once in a blue moon they come up with one that is, and
it's nice to have some notice of the subject here on TriLUG's list.

Also, it's a very low traffic problem.  Much better than say, a
discussion on Top vs. Bottom posting, or which beer people are currently

So I say, keep posting those announcements...


On Wed, 2004-09-08 at 14:27, Matt Pusateri wrote:
> Matt,
> Please don't take this the wrong way, as I am sure you only doing a small
> public service here.  But, I am already subscribed to the NCSA lists.  I
> would suggest that you do not need to continue to forward another list's
> anouncements.  If people want them they can subscribe themselves.  But I
> really don't need one from them and one from trilug.  I wish maybe that
> you would post a thread with the virtues of the NCSA list, but then let
> those who want their list subscribe themselves.  I am not trying to be a
> snotty prick here so please don't take it that way.
> Thanks,
> Matt Pusateri
Chris Knowles <chrisk at trilug.org>

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