[TriLUG] Thursday Night Meeting

Aaron S. Joyner aaron at joyner.ws
Thu Sep 9 06:53:05 EDT 2004

Jim Ray wrote:

>>Not really.  If you'd like to bring some Windows 2000 install media,
>>there will be folks ready to help you install.  And you'll probably want
>>to wear a Microsoft T-Shirt (only once chance to make a first impression
>>and all that)...
>[JR>] wow.  TriLUG rules.  I'm glad folks are open to Microsoft Windows.
>Maybe some kind soul will give me a hand with vi.  I went to Start ->
>Programs and can't find vi anywhere.  I probably screwed up the
>installation.  If real IT pros use vi, I wanna do it, too.
For situations where you're actually forced to use some iteration of 
Windows (by corporate policy you haven't gotten around to changing or 
bucking yet, for example) - there is a very nice and functional version 
of Gvim.  And of course, there's always Cygwin - the entire ultimate 
UNIX environment for that dreaded platform that shall go unnamed.  
Install X11, Eterm, open ssh, the Mozilla products, etc and get on with 
being productive.  Note to install the x11 startup scripts - one of 
which is a pre-made .bat script to drop in your startup, that opens X in 
the system tray, and gives you seamlessly integrated X11 windows with 
your standard Windows API borders.  Your boss may never know the 
fabulousness of your subversions.

Aaron S. Joyner

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