[TriLUG] Linux forums other than trilug?

Matt Frye mattfrye at gmail.com
Thu Sep 9 21:47:47 EDT 2004

> The escalation path is...
> My experience tells me that if I still don't get an answer, then
>  1) I don't understand the problem
>  2) I can't describe the problem
>  3) I found virgin territory (least likely)

I may be spinning this thread off in another direction, but my
experience has been that _easy_ problems are abundantly answered. 
Don't get me wrong, the community's willingness to provide help is a
good thing.  Unfortunately, there's a lot of technical problems
floating around that don't get such attention.  When they do get
attention, answers often begin with "I would think," or some other
vagary.  I'm not saying I've hit virgin territory all the time. 
Usually, I find that these questions have been asked more than once
and not answered or answered poorly.

Just my thoughts.  


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