[TriLUG] Samba-3 + PDC+LDAP Question

Matt Pusateri mpusateri at wickedtrails.com
Sat Sep 11 19:33:33 EDT 2004

> Thanks - I will try that on Monday and let you know.  I know what you
> mean - I have RTFM'd everything I could find on the web and nothing
> worked exactly as described unless you had the same os, kernel,
> packages, room temperature... :-)
> Thanks,
> Mark
> Marty Ferguson wrote:
>> Mark Fowle wrote:
>>> Has anyone worked with the Samba 3/PDC+LDAP configuration?  I have a
>>> configuration where I have LDAP on one server and
>>> samba on the other - both sides see each other, at least until I have
>>> to join a windows XP machine to the domain - then it suddenly
>>> can't find either  root or Administrator ---  (I don't have access to
>>> my smb.conf file right now, otherwise I'd post it...)   I think
>>> it's looking for the root entry in the smbpasswd file (which is
>>> there) but I have my passdb backend setup for tdbsam
>>> ldapsam:ldap://
>>> If I try to mount a share from the linux server, I can give it
>>> root/password or Administrator/password and have no problems...
>>> Thanks,
>>> Mark
>> If I were to shoot from the hip and wager a guess, I would say that
>> the XP machine may kicking off the
>> master-browser election across the SMB domain, and probably has the
>> highest Master Browser "os level"
>> There's some GUI interface you can use on the windows boxes to block
>> them from ever attempting
>> to start an election.  It's been quite a while, and I don't remember
>> how I did it, but as I recall, I had
>> similar symptoms a couple of years ago, and this technique of
>> disabling master-browser campaigning worked..
>> After all, it's windows.  Just keep experimenting untill something
>> works.  But don't bother to write it down, because
>> the next time, the same methods won't procure the same results :)
>> Marty

Mark could you describe your setup a little better.  It seams you have two
linux boxes one serving Samba and the other LDAP?  Which box can do what?

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