[TriLUG] Open Source Propaganda

Mike Parkhurst Mike.Parkhurst at samsys.com
Wed Apr 19 14:15:50 EDT 2006

I get asked the same question your CEO asked.  I usually answer that the
reasons vary, but here are a few (that you can relate to):

1.  It's a form of advertising/there is an alternate source of revenue.
Some people/companies hope that their code will become popular and that they
can then sell a related product, sell a book or other form of support, or
get a (better) job.

2.  The project has many developers each contributing only a small amount,
less than they could ever sell.  In that case they may be making friends,
boosting their ego, etc.  It's kind of like making a small donation to
charity, each donation does very little, but the sum of a lot of donations
can be significant.

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We are considering plaing an 'Open Source' tab on our web site that
would contain information on how we are trying to implement open
source software, projects, and practices at our business, what we are
using, etc.... Also, how we are trying to spread open source software
practices into other areas of our business.

We are trying to answer questions like the one asked by our CEO last
week.  We had just shown him our new SugarCRM database and he said,
"That's great!  But I can't understand why anyone would write a
product like this and then just give it away..."

Does anyone have any good sources for the 'theory behind' open source,
or open source practices?

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