[TriLUG] Xen applications

Brian McCullough bdmc at bdmcc-us.com
Wed Apr 19 15:02:35 EDT 2006


I have been thinking about how I might use Xen, in light of some other
thoughts that I have been mulling around, and have the two following

I have one machine, on which I have installed Ubuntu 5.10, Mandrake (
not Mandriva ), tinysofa enterprise, a couple of rPath versions,
Linspire ( unsuccessfully ), and perhaps a couple of other things that I
can't remember at the moment.

I have another ( non-existent at the moment ) machine, that would take
over the duties of the mail server, the web server, the DNS / DHCP
machine, and probably the news machine. ( there may be other uses as
well, but all server-related )

To me, the first machine is NOT a candidate for Xen, while the second
definitely is.



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