[TriLUG] Xen applications

David Brain dbrain at gmail.com
Thu Apr 20 09:06:07 EDT 2006

> It is a development-oriented machine, where certain projects require
> different environments.  In general, I reboot that box much more often
> than any Linux box that I have ever had.  I was wondering whether that
> machine might possibly be able to run all of those operating systems
> simultaneously.  However, according to my reading so far, I would need
> to recompile each of them for Xen use.

Maybe - it depends a little if you actually require some features of
the specific kernel, or if it's just the file system you need.  I have
run both RHEL3 & 4 under Xen, just by installing on another box, then
copying the filesystem over to the Xen server.  There is some minor
hackery involved, and it complains during startup a little, but it was
sufficient to test what needed testing, which was software that only
supported RHEL - by which it really meant was that it was expecting
RHEL's FS layout & rpms - nothing kernel specific.


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