[TriLUG] NCSU LUG Installfest this Saturday!

Cristobal Palmer cristobalpalmer at gmail.com
Fri Apr 21 13:33:14 EDT 2006

Howdy all. I've got a G3 Mac (old world) that I'd love to fiddle
with... maybe get it going as a firewall. Anybody know what (besides a
spare floppy and the video adapter) I need to bring with me to the
installfest to get some help on this?



On 4/19/06, Heather Heinz <aileens at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello, TriLUG!
>   This is an announcement of the NCSU LUG's semesterly Installfest, which
> will be held this Saturday, April 22nd at 10am in room g108 of the Harrelson
> building. A LAN party will follow if enough parties are interested. More
> information and a campus map are available at http://lug.ncsu.edu. So, if
> you've got a box you've been meaning to install or just want a free doughnut
> (you heard that right, free doughnuts!), please come by. We should have
> enough monitors to go around. Also, as word of mouth is the best form of
> advertisement, if you've got friends/relatives/neighbors/enemies who've
> expressed interest in this "Linux thing" feel free to bring them along or
> send them our way this Saturday.
> We look forward to seeing you,
> Heather Heinz
> LUG at NCSU President
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