[TriLUG] Flaking PSU?

Kevin Flanagan kevin at flanagannc.net
Mon Jun 19 19:09:07 EDT 2006


    I've got to ask the question, if you wanted a server, why didn't you 
buy one. I don't see anything that you are doing in the system you 
listed out that couldn't be done in a desktop.  If you pay the premium 
you get quality and service.  If you add up all of the parts, and your 
time, will you really end up saving dough over buying a "name brand" server?

Just my $.02


Brian Henning wrote:
> Hi Gang,
>   I suspect this is a flaky PSU problem, but I thought I'd drop it on 
> the list to see if anyone else has other insight:
> Just built a brand-spankin'-new server in one of those handsome (and 
> quite well-built) I-Star 4U rack cases.  Came with a 350W PSU.  In it, 
> I have:
> A PC-Chips Socket-A motherboard (*cringe*, I know..  wanted Socket A)
> A Duron 1.8 CPU
> 512 MB PC3200 RAM (started out at 1024MB, but one stick went bad after 
> a week...Kingston ValueRAM, which I thought was good stuff...)
> A $20 AGP video card
> A TDM400P with one FXO and one FXS module.
> Doesn't seem like that should be a big power-hungry monster right 
> there.  But the strangest (and highly irritating) thing happens:  
> Apparently at random, the machine powers off with a *click*, and 
> refuses to come back on until after I've turned off the PSU's main 
> switch (essentially pulling the plug), waited 10 or 20 seconds or so, 
> and turned it back on (at which point the BIOS power-loss setting 
> makes the machine turn on immediately).
> I'm going to swap out a known-good PSU tomorrow, but in the mean time, 
> I thought I'd check to see if anyone might pipe up and say "Oh, I know 
> what causes that, and it's actually not a bad PSU...".
> At any rate, my high esteem for NewEgg is gradually slipping...
> Cheers,
> ~Brian

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