[TriLUG] fscking problem!

Lee Fickenscher elfick at mac.com
Wed Jun 21 12:38:16 EDT 2006

On Jun 21, 2006, at 12:08 PM, Joseph Mack NA3T wrote:

> On Wed, 21 Jun 2006, Joseph Mack NA3T wrote:
>>> Either the superblock or the partition table is likely to be  
>>> corrupt!
> because of problems like this. I make a backup of the partition  
> tables of all my disks
> dd if=/dev/hda of=machine_name.mbr bs=512 count=1
> handy if you're multibooting and need to restore the original mbr

sfdisk can also be used to make a copy of the partition table:

To save the partition table:
sfdisk -d /dev/sda > /etc/partitions

To restore the partition table:
sfdisk /dev/sda < /etc/partitions

Adjusted for your devices and desired file location, of course.
This is also useful for setting up raid disks.


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