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Hi all,

Gavin Baker from the Gainsville LUG said it better than I can. Please call 
your senators tomorrow (even U guys in NC :-)



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Subject: [LINUX-L] Broadcast flag: call today
Date: Wednesday 21 June 2006 09:00 pm
From: Gavin Baker <grbaker at ufl.edu>
To: LINUX-L at lists.ufl.edu

As mentioned tonight, the broadcast flag is back, and worse than ever.
The Senate is currently considering telecom legislation that includes
flags for both digital TV and radio. These flags would "signal"
copyrighted content to the receiver, which would be mandated to read and
obey -- preventing you from recording. Your right to fair use would not
exist, and MythTV would not exist either -- or at least, it'd be illegal.

Luckily, we can stop this from happening. Tomorrow, the Senate Commerce
Committee will "mark up" the telecom bill. An amendment will be offered
to strike the flags from the bill. One of Florida's Senators, Bill
Nelson, sits on the committee -- make sure he hears from his constituents!

The markup is scheduled for 2 pm tomorrow (Thursday). Please call
tomorrow morning to save MythTV and your right to fair use.

Sen. Bill Nelson (FL)
(202) 224-5274

Tell the receptionist that you are a constituent and you want to
register a comment about legislation. Then ask Sen. Nelson to "support
the Sununu Amendment to strike the broadcast and radio flags" in the
Commerce telecom markup. Add something personal about MythTV, Linux,
your rights, or innovation. Be nice :)

For more information:


Public Knowledge has a lot of information from the past week on their
blog. Additionally, see this great ad from the Consumer Electronics


Please call tomorrow. It only takes a minute, and it could save your
future computer from becoming crippled or illegal.



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