[TriLUG] SATA HD RAID5 Controller for linux

Paul G. Szabady Paul at ThyService.com
Tue Jul 4 14:19:36 EDT 2006


I'd like to reconfigure a server currently using software (CentOS 4.1)
raid5 to a hopefully easier to manage (and more stable?) hardware raid5
solution.    I have 4 serial ATA drives so I minimally need a 4 port card.
 I don't have room for more drives in this case, so I don't think a 6 port
card is necessary, however, if the cost difference is minimal, I'd go with
the 6 port card.  I can always swap the chasis in the future if I need to

I've seen controllers that range from ~$100 (Highpoint Technologies
RocketRAID 1640 (rocketraid1640) Serial ATA Controller) at new egg to over
$350 (Intel SRCS16 PCI 6-Channel Serial ATA RAID Controller) at intrex.

Is there anyone out there familiar with SATA cards, preferably in use, and
have an opinion on which I should go with OR at least which one(s) to stay
away from?


@ Thy Service

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